Our company deals with galvanic zinc, nickel, tin, silver, gold, brass, red copper plating and cold blackening. We provide metal coating and coating systems on ALUMINIUM and alloyed zinc (zamac) base metals as well. Our technologies are put into practice with the highest attention to the RoHS directives.

Our galvanizing technologies are being constantly improved based on our customers' needs. As a result of this, we have introduced in our zinc coating technology the highly corrosion resistant thick layer passivation in blue and yellow colours. The yellow passivization is free of iridescence and resembles shiny brass. Our tin plating capacity enables us to fulfill even the highest customer needs, while our coatings meet the highest quality requirements. Both shiny and matt tin coating is available. We offer bright and silk gloss sulfamic nickel, bright silver, brass, copper and gold plating. Cold blackening and steel dehydrogenating technologies were added to our scope of activities. Our main profile is the surface treatment of a wide range of components for the electric-, engineering- and automotive industries. The bulk of our output is built in various goods for export. Using our vibrating technology, we offer tumbling, abrasion, and polishing of mass products.

Our activity primarily covers the surface treatment of electronics, electrical, machine, and vehicle parts. Vast majority of our production is exported as built-in parts of different products.

Here you can find a short summary of the technologies used by METAL-UNION Kft.

Parts made of Steel, Steel Alloy, Copper, Copper Alloy, ALUMINIUM, Zinc Alloys (zamak) raw material

  • electrogalvanizing / bright acid and alkaline technology,
    • water blue with normal and thick film passivation, with RoHS compliance
    • yellow with normal and thick film passivation, with RoHS compliance
    • with black-colour passivation, traditional CrVI technology and RoHS compliance,
    • with green-colour passivation, traditional CrVI technology
    • with surface filling /varnishing/
    • hydrogen scavenging /several elaborated technologies/
  • electroplated nickel coating /using acid and alkaline technology/
    • decorative glossy,
    • semi-gloss sulphamate, extraordinary adhesion, easily bendable,
    • decorative silk-gloss,
    • black nickel,
    • aged nickel,
  • electroplated white bronze-coating /BRONZEX technology/, nickel-free coating for the surface treatment of clothes leather accessories and jewellery
  • electroplated tin plating
    • glossy,
    • mat,
  • electroplated brass plating /alkaline-cyanide technology/
    • ageing,
    • passivation,
  • electroplated red copper plating /alkaline-cyanide technology/
    • ageing,
  • electroplated silver plating /alkaline-cyanide technology/
    • ageing,
    • passivation,
  • electroplated gold plating, thin-film technology /alkaline-cyanide technology/
  • cold chemical tanning,
  • tumbling and polishing with vibrating technology
  • colourless chromating of aluminium (Alodine)

We operate all technologies in both mass and suspended form. All the above coatings are offered also on ALUMINIUM base metal.

Layer-thickness is measured and controlled via Ficsher X-DLB X-Ray layer-thickness meter.

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