Company policy

In order to raise our market share we are keen on meeting the highest quality requirements and expand the production capacities.
Our know-how and equipment enable us to provide services to those participants of the industry, who make great demands on high quality. In case of rack components our costumers require comprehensive quality controlling. For several years we have been able to keep the number of costumer complaints under 0.0001% of our annual output. We can provide outstanding quality in processing the surface treatment of a few thousand items daily, which is optimal for costumers with small and medium-sized production capacities. In case of necessity we can dynamically increase our capacity or reallocate our resources. We can fulfill orders within 3-5 days, according to the agreed schedule under any circumstances.

Within the framework of our company policy we always provide the highest quality service according to our quality- and environmental management system, and with regard to our natural environment.