Quality policy

Within the framework of its long term strategy, Metal-Union Ltd plans to constantly improve the quality both of its surface treatment activity and other services, to make sure that customer needs are fully satisfied.

In order to achieve this goal, each and every employer gets to know, accepts, implements and always sticks to the quality management guidelines of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard.

The definition of quality goals takes place with paying the highest attention to customer needs and providing the best service.

All the services and operating activities concerning surface treatment must be carried out in accordance with our commitment to total quality management.

The management of our company requires and supports constant self-education and implementation of the most up-to-date knowledge.

Each and every colleague of ours has the responsibility for the quality of his/her work.

In accordance with the domestic and international standards, the company is always very keen on improving efficiency and operability.

It is every employee's duty to do all the environmental tasks according to the competent authorities' regulations.

Metal-Union Ltd emphasizes its commitment to the highest quality in any kind of activities, and requires the same from its vendors regarding the quality of offered goods and services.

The management's commitment to quality is well demonstrated by their exemplary attitude and their active role in the constant improvement of quality standards.

The constant development and refinement of the quality management system is a top responsibility at every level of the company1s management.

29. May, 2002. Budapest

Zoltán Kovács