Environmental policy


METAL-UNION Ltd. is maintaining sustainable development in accordance with the environment, consciously considering the oncoming generations opportunities, living conditions and quality of life. We are carrying out the environmental friendly configuration and constant improvement of our activities and services in order to protect our environment.

The enrichment of our social environment, our straight and personal communication, the efficient utilization of resources and proper waste reduction are all parts of our environmentally conscious thinking.

As part of our commitment to environmental consciousness we take the following actions:

  • We are constantly improving our environmental management system based on the MSZ ISO 14000:2005 standard.
  • We are keen on significantly reduce the environmental effects and risks, energy- and raw material need of our activities by keeping all the legal and other regulations.
  • We take all the necessary measures in order to prevent environmental danger and damages.
  • We also incite our suppliers to adapt our principles.
  • We closely cooperate with the competent authorities.
  • We introduce our customers to the environmental friendly treatment of products.
  • We enhance the environmental consciousness of our colleagues by means of regular trainings.

Each and every colleague of our company is expected to act according to the principles of our environmental policy.

29. May, 2002, Budapest

Zoltán Kovács