Tank sizes: L:2200 x W:1000 x L:1000 mm galvanizing tanks.
We both undertake the galvanization of suspendedly processed and bulk items.

According to the customer's needs we can chromate the coating to blue, yellow, olive or black. Compared to conventional passivization, we can meet significantly higher corrosion resistance requirements in blue and yellow colours with thick layer passivization technology and/or sealing (top-coat).

  • thin layer passivization
  • thick layer passivization
  • sealing

We boost abrasion resistance and rigidity by means of various post-treatments.



 CrVI free technology, Thick layer passivization and sealing are both available


 CrVI free technology, Thick layer passivization and sealing are both available
 Technology containing CrVI is available


 Technology containing CrVI


 Technology containing CrVI

If required, we can even provide comprehensive, one-by-one quality controlling. We are able to process the surface treatment of extruded, welded or complex shaped components, casts, springs, and annealed parts as well. We are playing great attention to prevent metal parts from hydrogen embrittlement. Our customers can choose from different methods of de-embrittlement. Finished goods are packed according to customer needs.

Technological flow-chart

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Zinc coated items
Zinc coated items
Zinc coated items
Untreated and zinc coated items
Zinc coated items
Zinc coating samples: with blue, yellow and green passivization

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