Company history

1982. Since this year the company has been working in different organizational forms.

1990. Foundation of Metal-Union Limited Partnership. Its main scope of activity was zinc plating, expanded nickel plating tin plating later on. The enterprise has continuously employed 4-5 people, and managed to establish a long-term relationship with various partners due to reliable quality.

1998. The redevelopment of the premises and the expansion began.

2000.06.22. Metal-Union Ltd. began its operation. The scope of its activity has expanded again with sulphamate nickel plating and cold blackening. We provide various elaborated plating to prevent steel parts from Hydrogen embrittlement so that our Customers can choose the most suitable one for their purposes.

2003. Proving our commitment towards quality production and environmental protection, we were among the firsts to introduce the EN ISO 9001/2001 and EN ISO 14001/1997 integrated quality and environmental management systems.

2006. The ISO 14001/2005 environmental management system was introduced with the innovation of the ISO system.

2008. The redevelopment and modernization of the premises finished. An air washing and sound silencing air-exhauster, air cleaning system set up.

2009. In the newly established production unit the latest developments in silver, brass and copper plating were introduced. We provide silver, nickel, tin, brass and copper coating on ALUMINIUM base metal as well! Safe operation of the new plating is ensured by another air- exhauster assembled with air washer and a PLC controlled automatic sewage cleaning system.

2009. Innovation of the ISO 14001/2005 environmental management system and introduction of the ISO 9001/2009 quality management system.

2011. We expanded our services by introducing new technologies. The choices of our nickel technology were extended by the black, silky gloss nickel-plating and nickel-ageing, in addition to the glossy and sulphamate technologies. We introduced the nickel-free BRONZEX technology, which is especially recommended for leather-work, accessories and jewellery producers. The metal objects covered with this coating will not induce any allergic or skin irritation effects.
We also produce decorative gold coatings. The purity of golden coating is 99.1%. We also offer tumbling and polishing works using our vibration technology.

2012. We built a state-of-the-art industrial laboratory, in order to carry out the technological examinations of galvanization and the chemical examination of the wastewater generated by the process.

Silver coating workshop
PLC controller
Sewage treatment ion exchanger
Sewage treatment mud filter-press
Sewage treatment tank
Aluminium pretreatment unit
Defatting equipment
X-ray coating thickness gauge
X-ray coating thickness gauge
Zinc coating workshop